Introducing the Evaluation Portal

Tools for National and State Initiatives

As a Strengthening Families National Member (SFNM) or an agency that wants their programs to use the system as part of state or national initiatives such as QRIS, Child Welfare, or Parents as Teachers, the evaluation portal provides the administrative agency access to complete the program self-assessments and the related surveys. Reports are available in aggregate form, and for each program user

  • Grouping Programs The SFEP provides the ability to group programs into multiple groupings (i.e., all programs in a state, participating in state/local initiative). It allows admin users the ability to organize and manage the PSAs and the results across all of their participating programs 
  • Aggregate ReportsThe SFEP provides an array of powerful reports across for initiative leaders to allow them to view their results across all participating programs. Reports have built in filters and further customization options are available to get the desired information