Plans & Pricing

What Type of User are You?

1. Program Level—If you are an individual program looking to use the program self-assessments, the staff survey and protective factor survey this will meet your needs. Includes the ability to run a report on each survey and develop an action plan.

2. Agency Level—If you are an agency that wants multiple programs that you work with to use the system and its tools, and require aggregated reports you can contract with Mosaic for a fee based on the number of programs that will be using the system. This option is ideal for tracking strengthening families implementation as part of a local, state or national initiative like a Quality Rating Improvement System, Child Welfare, Parents as Teachers

3. Custom Level— If you are looking for additional package offerings for more customized reporting, data analysis and evaluation services, Mosaic's expert staff will work with you to assess your needs and develop a proposal to meet your needs. 

Package Features

Access to our Online Data System

  • For entering data on program self-assessments, staff and protective factor surveys
  • For tracking results for a program, state or a region through a simple and easy user interface

Data Analysis and Reporting Support

  • To manage results and consultation to develop program improvement action plans
  • To provide varied data analysis, including both formative (process) and summative (outcome)
  • To integrate or work with data from GEMS, STARS and/or other data sources
  • In creating detailed and comprehensive evaluation reports, from program-level to initiative-level

Training and Technical Assistance

  • On survey implementation
  • On evaluation principles and procedures, working with data, using data to inform practice, etc.
  • In planning for evaluation in broad community initiatives, developing forms and data collection requirements (e.g., for RFPs), data collection, etc.

Full Integration of the SF Framework with QRIS Ratings

  • To facilitate your statewide SF integration to scale by facilitating an upload of Program account data for the STARS data system users
  • To allow seamless integration of the Protective Factors Framework and resulting improvement plans into your STARS system

Expert Consultation

  • To align your QRIS parent engagement component with the Protective Factors framework by providing expert assistance though research and evaluation planning services at the organization level, including background rationale and underlying theory
  • To provide research and selection of evidence-based data collection procedures and tools (i.e., questionnaires, surveys)
  • IT Services for data integration