Introducing the Evaluation Portal

Tools for Programs

Our evaluation portal includes a number of tools to help programs to assess their existing practice in the Strengthening Families programs areas and identify small but significant changes they can make to enhance their ability to build protective factors. As a program level user you will be able to enter assessments and run reports for your specific program.

  • Program Self-Assessmentsguided surveys that outline practices used by exemplary programs to support families, organized around the following five protective factors: Parental Resilience; Social Connections; Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development; Concrete Support in Times of Need; and Social and Emotional Competence of Children
  • Protective Factors Surveydeveloped by the FRIENDS National Resource Center, this survey measures changes in parental protective factors using a pre-post methodology. The evaluation portal supports programs in the confidential administration of the Protective Factors Survey. 
  • Staff Surveydeveloped through a collective effort of seven Strengthening Families states, this tool uses an embedded pre/post design to measure changes in staff attitudes, behavior and skills. 
  • Integrated Action Planning—implement the Strengthening Families framework in alignment with QRIS ratings
  • Reportingmanageable results and data exports