Portal Features

The SFEP System Features

Strengthening Families Evaluation Portal comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of features to provide a rich set of end-user functionalities. The SFEP infrastructure has been designed with maximum flexibility and adaptability for program needs.

Personalized Dashboards 

Any time a user logs in they see a homepage specific to each user type that can be further customized for each individual user. The portal includes elements such as dashboard charts and graphs, quick links, messages, reminders, to do lists, and a multitude of other widgets, customized for relevancy to the individual user. 

Easy Data Entry and Management 

SFEP allows users to easily navigate and enter data on program self-assessments, staff and protective factor surveys. It allows tracking results for a program, state or a region through a simple and easy user interface. All the related information for a record can be viewed from within one screen providing a bird’s eye view of the program data.

Data Reporting

SFEP contains a powerful reporting engine that provides instant results for all stakeholders. Users are able to generate reports using real-time data, alerting them to adjust any data inconsistencies and enabling them to conduct self-evaluation. No additional software is required to run SFEP reports. All the functionality is built into the system. Further, report output can be viewed right in the browser window as well as saved as Microsoft Word or Excel files. All reports can be saved as a favorite or a template, viewed as a web page, and/or exported as Microsoft Word or Excel files. 


Data Analysis 

SFEP also provides options for data analysis to manage results and/or consulting to develop program improvement action plans. It allows performing a wide spectrum of data analysis procedures, including both formative (process) and summative (outcome). Support is also available in creating detailed and comprehensive evaluation reports through extensive staff knowledge and experience working with quantitative as well qualitative data; from program-level to initiative-level. Integration services are also available to connect data from GEMS, STARS and/or other data sources to the SFEP.


Advanced Data Integration 

Mosaic will work with you to seamlessly integrate the Protective Factors Framework and resulting improvement planning into your Quality Ratings Systems. For STARS data system users, full integration of the Strengthening Families framework with QRIS ratings is available through the enterprise package. Programs can easily participate in the system thereby integrating all components of their initiative.    

Training and Technical Assistance 

A variety of training and TA is available on survey implementation; evaluation principles and procedures; working with data and using data to inform practice. Extensive services in planning for evaluation in broad community initiatives, developing forms and data collection requirements (e.g., for RFPs), data collection, etc. are also available through the SFEP.

Full Integration of the SF Framework with QRIS Ratings 

  • To facilitate your statewide SF integration to scale by facilitating an upload of Program account data for the STARS data system users
  • To allow seamless integration of the Protective Factors Framework and resulting improvement plans into your STARS system